Thursday, May 8, 2008

Got Bookworms?

One day I saw "I just stumbled upon the coolest website! Books for Hikers. It is put together by a retired reference librarian and it is a fantastic resource for those of us who obsess over books related to hiking. There is a great list of books there! I am impressed how well organized the site is. So easy! Obviously well read AND a hiker. I need to add this one."

It was at a site called "One Pan Wonders", which I had found some way or other while looking up some idea or other about food.

It's always good to find a new source of information, so I'm passing this along, and hope you can use it. Books for Hikers is a pretty little site. It is well designed. It is simple, and to the point. The owner is Linda "eArThworm" Patton.

"Ol' eArThworm is a university reference librarian, retired. Her new career is all trails-and-hiking related," she says. She sounds busy, doing part-time trail maintenance, being a hike leader, working for the Florida Trail Association, and serving as head of an Appalachian Trail Museum committee.

I'm not too familiar with the site yet, but it seems like the home page has a monthly feature about an individual book. For May 2008 the featured book is a memoir of a Florida Trail thruhike by Johnny Molloy titled "Hiking the Florida Trail: 1,100 Miles, 78 Days, Two Pairs of Boots, and One Heck of an Adventure". Following the title are several independent reviews of the book.

The categories are somewhat overlapping and cover such areas as general outdoor skills, food and cooking, hiking with children and pets, women's perspectives, and various individual trails. There is also a links section, connecting mainly to web sites about trails and trail associations.

If you pick a category, say "Appalachian Trail", you get to a list of titles. You get author, title, publisher and publication date. This is valuable in itself but personally speaking it would be nice to see at least a line or two, a hint, about each book's contents.

For the "Women Outdoors" section, each book listed has a link to, but that seems to be about it. This is true for a couple of other sections as well.

The "Food & Cooking" section is slightly different -- it is a plain list as well but a few of the listed books have links to either a review or to the book's web site.

The site owner also has a blog called "From Ol' eArThworm", on You may enjoy that as well.

Overall I can't complain. I have another resource, and so do you. If you find a book that looks interesting, you may find a link either to a review, to the book's web site, or to an online book store. If not, at least you have a title to go by. Thanks, Linda.

A little later I'll get back to "One Pan Wonders" and other food sites and food issues, but for now, enjoy the books.


Books for Hikers.
Dicentra (One Pan Wonders).
"From Ol' eArThworm" blog.