Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Occasional Definitions: Hunger, Instant Coffee

Hunger: The feeling that attacks you from the inside after hanging your food and finding that you can't get it back down again. Fatal if not treated soon enough.

Instant coffee: The beverage version of freeze-dried food, but not made from pet droppings. Made instead from the dried body fluids of ticks and fleas removed from pets. The bugs are then squashed and their fluids dried. No matter how bad it tastes, it's still high in caffeine. And since it contains no water whatsoever, it is a useful backpacking food, or food-like substance. The preferred way of consuming it is to take a deep breath, put a tablespoonful on your tongue, then wash it down with water before breathing. If done right you won't have to taste a thing but will still get a nice buzz.

From: Fire In Your Hand