Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Occasional Definitions: Yurt

  1. The process of food shooting up into your nose when you have a simultaneous hiccup, belch and gag experience while eating. You know what I mean.

  2. The sound you make when this happens.

  3. A small in-tent fart that you hope no one else hears.

  4. The soft, hairy, white stuff you get on yogurt when you've let it sit too long in the container after opening, or the hair itself, which is really a fungus. Go fungus!

  5. A circular tent with a low conical roof, traditionally made of yak hide. Native to the steppes of north central Asia.

  6. The thing you wake up in, suddenly, alone and naked, somewhere on the steppes of north central Asia, in the dead of night, after seeing the supposedly mythical trail yogi and failing to leave even a token offering. You poor, stupid bastard.

From: Fire In Your Hand