Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Occasional Definitions: "Little Dandy stove"

Nimblewill Nomad stove (a.k.a. "Little Dandy stove"): Invented by Eb Eberhart. A solid fuel stove made from five flat, thin steel plates that assemble without fasteners, and unhook again and fold flat for storage. Used by him in 1998 during his 4400 mile, 10 month walk from Key West, Florida to Cape Gaspe, Quebec. This stove allowed him to burn anything at hand, and thus to carry no fuel. Smart guy, that one.

From: Fire In Your Hand
Nimblewill Nomad's Little Dandy Wood Stove
Nimblewill Nomad's Wood Burning Stove Template (alternate source, PDF download)
Ten Million Steps: Nimblewill Nomad's Epic 10-Month Trek from the Florida Keys to Quebec, by M.J. Eberhart at