Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Occasional Definitions: Scroggin

  1. Gorp.

  2. New Zealand speak for chocolate, nuts and dried fruits mixed together and coated in sugar. The name may have come from the list of ingredients: Sultanas (white grapes, presumably dried, i.e., raisins), Chocolate, Raisins (as we would use the term), candied Orange peels, candied Ginger, Glucose (sugar), Improvisation, Nuts. And then again maybe not. Scroggin is probably a "backronym" created to explain the term "scroggin" long after it came into use (note that raisins appear twice, and that you can't eat improvisation).

  3. One of those little things that crawls around on your skin, under your clothes or in your hair, makes you itch, and is too small to find, but continues to drive you nuts. Cootie. Often imaginary. Fear of cooties stands in for fear of bears in those places where you know there are no bears.

  4. Anybody who has cooties, or whom you wish would get them. A pariah, an outcast, a former friend or loved one. This attitude can develop among the best of friends who spend too much time together in a proximity that is simply too close. Long distance backpacking trips are not recommended for honeymooners.

From: Fire In Your Hand