Friday, January 27, 2012

Foliage Abuse

When you just can't leaf well enough alone.

Bushwack: To travel off the main trail.

Bushwhack: Hiking where there is no trail, or no marked trail.

Bushwhack: Off-trail hiking originally where the going was difficult, but now meaning any off-trail travel regardless of whether the going is difficult.

Bushwhack: Off-trail travel through brush or where no cleared path exists and hikers have to force their way.

Bushwhacking: Going off the trail to take a shortcut, create a trail, or to look for something.

Bushwhacking: Leaving the established trail to hike or explore without becoming a victim.

Bushwhacking: Traveling through forest or woods without an established trail or possibly any markings, by dead reckoning or by following by using a compass and topographic map.

Etc. Bushwhacker