Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eh? Frame?

Well, OK, but don't you call me a sissy now.

A-Frame Tent: An older style of tent, usually having a ridge pole running the length of the tent for support, from which the tent walls drape to form an "A" shape as seen from the end.

A-Frame Tent: A tent style dating from the Canvas Age. This is the dinosaur of tents, designed when men were men, rode horses everywhere, and carried guns, and shot things, and ate them. And stuff.

And when the whole idea of tents was kind of sissy, since real men were supposed to simply roll up in a blanket at night and shiver like crazy for hours and hours, which is why they got up a lot earlier in those days, to make the shivering stop. And since you already had the horse, it wasn't that big a deal to carry the wooden poles and steel stakes and rope and several acres of waxed canvas, and if someone called you a sissy for it, you just plugged them and got on with it.

Backpacking is different now. We walk more, whine about horses, and the wax is on our dental floss, which only heavy-weight backpackers carry anymore. And no guns. We don't even get to shoot things. Unless we're in a national park, where guns are now legal. Heh.