Saturday, May 12, 2012


Count us in. Or out. Or what?

Baffling: A construction that has fabric walls sewn between top and bottom layers of a shell to prevent insulation like down from shifting. Also allows insulation to fully loft or fluff up.

Baffling: A set of tubes sewn between two layers of fabric to keep the insulating fill in place. This is often used in down sleeping bags. The baffles can be "sewn-through", which is just sewing the two sides together with insulation between them. Or they can be more complicated, with complex arrangements known as "box", "slant box", "trapezoidal box", or "V-tube" shapes.

Baffling: Something that is confusing, like trying to understand sleeping bags or why people go hiking, which is, as the ancient Peruvians said, like trying to locate a fart inside a dark house.