Friday, June 8, 2012

Blue Blaze

Like a cool, clear, beckoning light.

Blue Blaze: A side trail that departs from the main trail, usually on the Appalachian Trail, and usually leading to something like a shelter. The blazes are painted blue as you might expect, and are two by six inches (5x15cm). They are put on rocks and trees.

Blue Blaze: As a verb it means to take trails other than the official trail you are on. These might offer a shorter or easier alternative route.

Blue Blaze: Blue colored blazes used to identify alternate trails, side trails to views, water, shelters or campsites.

Blue Blaze: On the Appalachian Trail a blue blaze means a side trail to a campsite or to a town. White blazes denote the main or "trunk" trail. Many trails follow the Appalachian Trail example.

Blue Blaze: Spur trails connecting the Appalachian Trail to bad-weather routes, views, shelters, water sources, and so on. They are marked by AT-style blazes that are painted blue.

Blue Blaze: The color often used to paint blazes that mark side trails to a campsite or a town off main trails such as the Appalachian Trail.