Friday, June 15, 2012


Apparel lamination.

Layering: Generally accepted as the best way of dressing for outdoor activities. There is the base layer, the insulation layer, and the outer shell which work together to ensure maximum protection against cold temperatures, moisture, and general weather.

Layering: Using various combinations of garments to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Usually consists of a next-to-skin base layer, a middle layer and an outer shell.

Layering: How to make a decent sandwich. For traditionalists: put slices of cold meat between bread and eat while gambling. For the average person: Buy one. For hikers: put layers of anything edible between slices of bread, add spicy goop if you have it, and eat while scanning the landscape for anything that might be gaining on you. If you get any goop on your clothes you'll have to peel off a layer and bury it or else something will come out of the dark and eat you.