Monday, September 10, 2012

Living On The Edge, Trailwise

Giving you the dirty shoulder.

Berm: A lip or edge of debris that builds up on the downhill side of a trail preventing water from flowing off the trail. This results in a puddle or muddy area.

Berm: A low, narrow layer or mound of sediment deposited on a backshore by storm waves.

Berm: On a trail a berm is a curve in the trail where the outside of the curve is higher (banked) than the inside of the curve to allow for easier and faster turning with a bike or on skis. A berm is also any raised mound of earth.

Berm: The ridge of material formed on the outer edge of the trail, projecting higher than the center of the trail tread. A berm can trap water, create wet trail areas and lead to erosion.