Monday, October 15, 2012

Wind v. Vegetation

Bend me to your frozen will.

Krummholz: A belt of discontinuous scrub or grove-land at alpine timberlines, composed of species having the genetic potential to be trees but which are instead strongly dwarfed and misshapen.

Krummholz: A German term meaning "bent wood", after the twisted and distorted woody vegetation characteristic of high mountain regions.

Krummholz: Above the treeline wind dominates the low-lying, procumbent alpine community. On barren rocky slopes where there is a short growing season but heavy snowfall, trees are stunted to "krummholz".

Krummholz: Literally "crippled wood", the stunted and gnarled trees found near treeline, in the mountains.

Krummholz: Scrubby, stunted trees, often in a characteristic zone at the upper limit of tree growth in mountainous areas.