Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Outly-Ér Goes UL

What's a blue-blazer need?

Ask any one of them.

Go ahead - just ask.

The answer's always the same: "I need an ultralight blue blazer."

That's right. Every thru-hiker with any fashion sense at all wants to look good, even when covered in flies.

Even after hiking a week straight without bathing.

Even in the dark, after getting lost early, going off a cliff, and falling into mud and cowslop.

And now it's here - the brand new, 2013 Outly-Ér ® Tailored Ultralight Trail Blazer ™.

Want racing stripes in the lining? We got 'em.

Want two-button styling? Standard equip, Dude.

Four-button cuffs? Hey. Can you count?

Made in right here in the middle of the Big One, the New York of C, the Shiny Apple, in Brooklyn, to be exact. Can you top that?

From what? From what is it made then? Hiker-type fabric and such? The good stuff?

From DoubleWoven Ultra HyperCube Light. A fabric so lightweight and smooth. So, so lightweight and smooth.


You won't believe it, Mr and/or Ms Hiker, not even for a little bit.


A subtle blend of various nylons and other, even more proprietary synthetics so as to create a jacket which is breathable, and moisture-licking, and still retains the look of a premium, tailored trail blazer. (White hankie optional. Red paisley pocket-bandanna standard.)

Outly-Ér has also integrated, into this very same fabric, their new Gasp ® hyper-ventilating waterproof yet respiring four-way stretchable technology, allowing each and every wearer to search for ticks in comfort and without strain or condensation, even in pouring rain.

Or to scratch that special itch without suffering abrasions from intrusive seams.

Want to look good on the trail? Want to be fashionable even when greasy? Want to be ready for any and all trail magic, like an unexpected invitation to dine with the Rothschilds?

Then think Three Plus One. All simple words.





And this blazer weighs less than comparable garments four times heavier!


  • Color: Chinese Maritime shell / Testosterone Blue lining.
  • Sizes: Dude, Gnarl-Monster, Ape.
  • Windproof: Where it counts, yep.
  • Waterproof: Ditto.
  • Insulated: Insulation is for sissies.
  • Hood: Don't need no stinkin' hood. I am one.
  • Gender: Hyper male.
  • Best use: Thru-hiking, fine dining, funerals.
  • Fabric: All-Eco DoubleWoven Ultra HyperCube Light - made exclusively from recycled backpacks.


OUTLIER Tailored Ultralight Blazer