Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fresh, July 27

 Rambling Hemlock:  Umbrella rigging.  Several people have asked how I attach my umbrella to my pack so I can use it 'hands-free."  Go

 Allison Outside:  Four Lakes Loop.  Two women, two dogs, five days in the Trinity Alps Wilderness.  Go

 Black Coffee At Sunrise:  Isle Royale National Park | Day Eight.  We spent the majority of the night awake, cursing ourselves for not putting our tent up inside the shelter, but not wanting to get up and do anything about the situation.  Go

 Guthook Hikes!:  Cuben Fiber: The Wonder Material.  Having never owned any Cuben Fiber gear, I just wanted to see what the stuff was like in person, rather than reading about it online.  Go

 The Luminous Landscape:  Hiking For Photographers.  Adding backcountry chops to your photography skill set can make you a much better wilderness photographer. Here's how.  Go

 Eating Miles for Breakfast:  To Circle.  Owl hooting / Rock slides off bluff / Hissing of sediment / Wind in aspens / Howl from a sled dog up river  Go

 Forrest McCarthy:  Aichilik River, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  I like big wild landscapes. And one of my favorites is located in northeast Alaska.  Go

 gypsy by trade:  Alaska Smorgasbord (Last chance, AK).  Whatever time is left before leaving, will always be filled.  Go

 Light & Ultralight Backpacking:  Emberlit Three Fuel Stove.  If you backpack with me at my current age, the first thing you'll likely notice is that I have no interest in running down the trail.  Go

 Nautilus:  Fruits and Vegetables Are Trying to Kill You.  Resilience isn't completely inherent to your body; it's cultivated by outside stimuli. And some of those stimuli just happen to be mildly noxious, slightly stressful chemicals in plants.  Go

 While Out Riding:  To San Antonio de Los Cobres.  Even without the monotony of the cycling that proceeds it, this is a startlingly beautiful ride, following a road that courses first through a mass of elemental rockscapes, before delving deep into the saturated hues of the Calchaquis Valley.  Go

 Keith Foskett:  The Mini Review – Have Sawyer shot themselves in the Foot?.  So why bring out the Mini? I'll attempt to answer that later. First, let's take a look.  Go

 Cliff Mass Weather Blog:  Pyrocumulus.  These clouds looked like a tall cumulonimbus but there was a lot of smoke at their base.  Go

 KUOW:  How A Drone Shot This Stunning Footage Of Washington Wildfires.  Stepanov brought his drone to record video of the destruction. "When I got there, it was just a no-brainer," he said. "People need to see this."  Go

 Mental Floss:  10 Breathtaking Photos of the Elusive Moonbow.  A moonbow, or lunar rainbow, is just like a normal rainbow, but at night.  Go

Ad: Fire In Your Hand: Ultralight backpacking stoves.