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Fix How to Plan For a Thru-Hike.  Between the gear, the maps, the planning, and creating a budget, it's hard to know where to start. Here's a breakdown of the biggest decisions.  Visit site  ▷

Cool Tools 96 Gallon Super Big Mouth Trash Bags.  I really hate the ones they sell in hardware stores and supermarkets (the "Christmas tree bags") which are usually made of thin plastic.  Visit site  ▷

The Atlantic A Visit to the European Southern Observatory.  High in northern Chile's Atacama Desert, the European Southern Observatory has built several collections of telescopes and observatories on remote, arid mountaintops.   Visit site  ▷

Faith is Torment Grey Matter(s): Photos by Tom Jacobi.  Jacobi traveled over two years to six continents searching for archaic landscapes.  Visit site  ▷

Nowness The Way We Dress: Women in Uniform.  The first woman that really inspired me was Betty Reid Soskin. She's a park ranger at the Rosie The Riveter Museum in Richmond, California. She lived through the civil rights movement, at a time when wearing a uniform as a black person and a woman was inconceivable. Now at age 94 she wears her uniform proudly, with elegance and style. She owns it.  Visit site  ▷

Across Utah! Hayduke Alt: Via Escalante East (Choprock_Harris).  Almost all Hayduke Hikers end up in the town of Escalante for a re-supply (or do an inconvenient cache pre-hike.) Getting to this small town from the route usually means a long and sometimes difficult hitch along the Hole-in-the-Rock Road. However, many great canyons in this region provide possible alternates which allow hikers to simply hike through the town instead.  Visit site  ▷

Across Utah! Hayduke Alt: Via Escalante East (Upper Muley_The Gulch).  This is the second/northern option that I present to Hayduke Hikers looking for an alternate to connect the Burr Trail Switchbacks to Escalante.  Visit site  ▷

The Adirondack Almanack Adirondack Tree Bark in Winter.  It's winter. Hardwood trees are bare. But that doesn't mean the woods are bereft of interest.  Visit site  ▷

The Adirondack Almanack Adirondack Wildlife: American Mink.  If the river otter is the most aquatic member of the mustelid family, and weasels represent the terrestrial branch of the clan, the American mink is the adept middle child.  Visit site  ▷

The Adirondack Almanack Trump In The Adirondacks: Tweets From the Tower.  I do great centerfolds.  Visit site  ▷

Adventure Alan Review of Dutchware Chameleon Hammock — Light & Superbly Versatile.  I discuss what makes it possibly the best multi-season hammock. The review concludes with a Comparison of the Chameleon Hammock to its nearest Competitors.  Visit site  ▷

Hiking For Her Insect Repellents For Hikers.  Seriously, aren't we outdoors to soak up the full Nature experience? The answer depends upon the hiker you're asking.  Visit site  ▷

Hiking For Her Rainy Day Hiking: How To Stay Dry.  As a veteran of some of the wettest hiking in the northern hemisphere (Washington State, western Canada, Alaska), I've got some strategies for how to stay dry on a wet hike.  Visit site  ▷

BrawnyView The Proving Grounds — Now Available.  All the way up the trail, I realized I was proving to myself I could still do this. I met others proving similar things, plus proving their gear worked, proving they could stand the rain. Proving they had the stuff to make it all the way to the great Mount Katahdin.  Visit site  ▷

Charlie Knight Do What Makes the Best Story.  The most interesting people I meet on my travels are the ones who have lived fascinating lives, say yes to every opportunity and have a whole host of stories to tell.  Visit site  ▷

Chris Townsend Outdoors Yosemite Valley to Death Valley: The Gear.  Selecting gear for a long walk always means looking at likely conditions and also possible extremes.  Visit site  ▷

from canyons to clouds Day hikes in El Chalten.  El Chalten, Argentina is Patagonia's "trekking capital" and for good reason!  Visit site  ▷

Hiking Project Journal 10 Essentials Every Hiker Should Always Carry.  The new rules on what to bring with you when you hike.  Visit site  ▷

Inga's Adventures Planning a Tour of Mont Blanc hike.  The choices immediately get overwhelming.  Visit site  ▷

PopUpBackpacker Make Your Own Backpacking Gear?.  There is one thing I have not factored into the DIY backpacking gear route: pride in making something yourself. There is value in that. However, I propose that the time spent making gear could be better spent by going backpacking or camping instead.  Visit site  ▷

PopUpBackpacker Book Review: The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide, 2nd Edition.  The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide is really not about the gear per se, but how to choose gear and how to use it so you can accomplish The Goal and enjoy the walking part too.  Visit site  ▷

Washington Trails Association Backcountry Permit Reservation System Coming to North Cascades National Park.  As demand for backcountry camping opportunities continues to climb, North Cascades National Park is piloting a new reservation system for the 2017 season.  Visit site  ▷

Scoutmastercg Outdoor Footwear 101 Infographic.  The basic information in this infographic will help you choose and, more importantly, get a proper fit.  Visit site  ▷

The Mountains Are Calling Rainshoeing.  By mistake, I invented a new sport. Rainshoeing!  Visit site  ▷

The Trek When Ultralight is Too Light.  With low weight comes great responsibility.  Visit site  ▷

The Trek How to Get Your Gear Where You're Going.  The vast majority of such issues fell into the "air travel" category. Going by car — your own or someone else's — rarely causes gear safety issues. Ditto train travel.  Visit site  ▷

Singletracks Mountain Bike News 10 Lessons I Learned in a Year of Bikepacking.  Bikepacking at its core is very minimalist. You can follow the same principles behind lightweight backpacking. The gear I don't have is actually an advantage.  Visit site  ▷

Section Hikers Backpacking Blog How to Plan an Off-Trail Hike with Caltopo.  This is a tutorial about how to plan an off-trail hike that illustrates the judgements that experienced hikers make when they plan off-trail routes.  Visit site  ▷

Section Hikers Backpacking Blog Superior Wilderness Designs 50L Long Haul Backpack Review.  The Long Haul is a good size for multi-day backpacking trips, with all of the must-have features you'd expect on an ultralight backpack.  Visit site  ▷

Hiking in Norway Official travel guide to Norway.  Our most scenic landscapes are definitely best enjoyed on foot.  Visit site  ▷

fubiz French and Swiss Snowy Summits by Sebastien Staub.  The visual result is the fruit of the superposition of several shots and of a subtle play of lights.  Visit site  ▷

Tastefully Offensive River Otter Spotted Sliding on Snow in Yellowstone.  Wildlife photographer Barrett Hedges filmed this wild river otter happily running and sliding his way across a frozen river.  Visit site  ▷

Tastefully Offensive Clever Donkey Helps His Friends Escape.  Video of Oreste, the donkey, helping his donkey pals escape their pen.  Visit site  ▷

The Art of Manliness How to Treat Frostbite.  Knowing how to properly treat it can mean the difference between a sore hand and an amputated one.  Visit site  ▷

Outside Online Frozen Alive.  Your first thought is that you've just dented your bumper. Your second is that you've failed to bring a shovel. Your third is that you'll be late for dinner.  Visit site  ▷

flickr Christer Karlstad.  Wondering if somebody is dead or only sleeping, whether it's good or evil, comforting or disturbing.  Visit site  ▷

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Fire In Your Hand: Dave's Little Guide to Ultralight Backpacking Stoves.

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