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Fresh, March 19

Astronomy Picture of the Day A Dark Winter Sky.  Monfragüe National Park in Spain recently had its night sky officially protected from potential future light pollution.  Visit site  ▷

Outside Online How 1,600 People Went Missing from Our Public Lands Without a Trace.  No official tally exists, but their numbers are growing. And when an initial search turns up nothing, who'll keep looking?  Visit site  ▷

The Trek How Backpacking Gear Has Changed Through the Decades.  Be flexible and willing to change things as your hike progresses.  Visit site  ▷

Chris Townsend Outdoors Then & Now: Comparing Gear For Long Distance Walks.  Comparing the items from these walks makes me very glad we have the gear of today, gear that is lighter yet just as functional as the gear from a quarter of a century ago.  Visit site  ▷

The Trek Why Women Shouldn't Hike The Appalachian Trail.  After racking my brain for months, here are three logical reasons I came up with.  Visit site  ▷

The Summit Register Tips on Hiking the PCT & CDT in the Snow.  Your safety is the most important thing to inform your decision upon reaching the Sierras or San Juans.  Visit site  ▷

The Huckleberry Hiker Record Visitation to America's National Parks in 2016.  "As we enter into a second century of service and visitation numbers continue to increase, we will focus on maintenance backlogs and ensuring these special places are preserved for future generations."  Visit site  ▷

Section Hikers Backpacking Blog Top 10 Backpacker Recommended Water Filter and Treatment Systems — 2017.  We asked 565 backpackers. Here are their top 10 picks.  Visit site  ▷

Section Hikers Backpacking Blog Gossamer Gear Silverback 50 Backpack Review.  The most durable backpack that Gossamer Gear has ever made. Weighing 37.4 ounces, it's also the heaviest.  Visit site  ▷

Adventure Journal The Joys of Backpacking With Appropriate Undergarments.  Here's the deal.  Visit site  ▷

Adventure Journal How Cotopaxi Re-imagined What a Business Could Be.  Every item you buy from Cotopaxi fuels a broad network of outreach and humanitarian work, both in their hometown of Salt Lake City and abroad.  Visit site  ▷

Foroyar Kevin Faingnaert.  I'm Kevin Faingnaert, a documentary and portrait photographer who lives in Gent, Belgium. I thrive on shooting interesting people and places.  Visit site  ▷

Popular Mechanics Vision Might Have Kickstarted Evolution on Land.  Insects and other invertebrates made the jump to land around 50 million years before fish did, so for a prehistoric fish, the shores would have been teeming with food just out of reach. Over millions of years, many fish species evolved better eyes as well as limbs to reach more of it.  Visit site  ▷

Popular Mechanics So You Want to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro?  Kilimanjaro isn't a technical climb. It doesn't require the great skill needed to summit other monstrously tall peaks, but the extreme altitude makes the mountain a significant test of strength, stamina, and perseverance.  Visit site  ▷

Popular Mechanics The 9 Best Battery Packs to Keep Your Gadgets Going.  These are nine options to consider that fit a range of different demands, from ultra-portable units to more rugged and outdoor-friendly power banks.  Visit site  ▷

Design Luck Design a Lucky Life.  In 1993, Joan Ginther won a $5.4 million Texas Lotto jackpot. And this was just the start.  Visit site  ▷

Bedrock & Paradox Evaluating backpack capacity in the real world.  AKA the most exciting topic ever.  Visit site  ▷

GORE-TEX Blog Camping in the Rain: Tips for a Fun Experience in Wet Weather.  Being prepared for all sorts of conditions will help you make the most of your time outdoors.  Visit site  ▷

HikeLighter Zpacks Vertice Rain Jacket.  To start with, I have not tried this jacket. I have not seen this jacket. I do not currently own this generation of the jacket. I did not even know it was in the works.  Visit site  ▷

HikeLighter Enlightened Equipment Rain Wrap.  Thoughts on this compared to the Zpacks? Any reason to pay almost double for similar weight?  Visit site  ▷

Old School Outfitter 5 Pro Tips For Buying the Right Rain Jacket For the Backcountry.  Spending more is no guarantee of getting a jacket that you'll like.  Visit site  ▷

Hiking For Her Male Hiking Partner: Choose Yours Wisely.  This is a friends-buddies-brother type of guy.  Visit site  ▷

Washington Trails Association Backcountry Permit Reservation System Coming to North Cascades National Park.  Up to 60 percent of all backcountry permits for the included areas will only be available via the new online reservation process.  Visit site  ▷

The Trek Hiking Sandals: The Best Friend You Never Knew You Wanted.  Hiking sandals are definitely not for every hiker, or every adventure. However, I have found them to be an awesome alternative for summer hiking and an option that deserves a place in any hiker's gear closet.  Visit site  ▷

Adventure Alan Best Ways to Protect Yourself from Lyme and Zika While Hiking.  1. Don't Get Bit — Don't Get Sick  Visit site  ▷

The Trek Conquering the Demons-Let's Talk about Ticks.  Here are some of my resources to help you decide your tick strategy for this season.  Visit site  ▷

Fix How to Prevent Mosquito-Borne Illnesses. [infographics]  Mosquitoes and the Diseases They Carry: What is Your Risk of Infection?  Visit site  ▷

Cool Tools OpSite Flexifix Transparent Film.  Long-lasting, flexible, inexpensive adhesive bandage roll.  Visit site  ▷

Behance Research: Fade to White.  Emergence over Authority. Disobedience over Compliance. Resilience over Strength. Compasses not maps. Learning over Education.  Visit site  ▷

Review Journal Abandoned van causes serious damage to salt pan at Death Valley.  Death Valley has been subject to multiple instances of vandalism in the past caused by vehicles traveling off-road, though signs warn visitors not to drive past a certain point.  Visit site  ▷

Columbia Blog It's Bear Season: Time To Be Bear Aware.  So what if none of this works and the bear attacks?  Visit site  ▷

Feature Shoot Haunting Photos of Polar Bears in a World Without Ice.  No Snow, No Ice?, seen at the top of this story, has become an iconic picture documenting the realities of climate change.  Visit site  ▷

The Adirondack Almanack The Unusual Life of Barnabee Bear.  Skinny and gaunt, starving and mangy, riddled with internal and external parasites, and less than thirty five pounds, Barnaby was in real tough shape.  Visit site  ▷

Washington Trails Association 5 Steps to a Perfect Plan.  Take the little wins, and eventually they'll add up to something greater.  Visit site  ▷

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