Sunday, April 2, 2017

Fresh, April 2

Astronomy Picture of the Day Tardigrade in Moss.  Is this an alien? Probably not, but of all the animals on Earth, the tardigrade might be the best candidate.  Visit site  ▷

Cool Tools Reader Favorite: Spyderco Bug Knife.  It is the smallest knife I have ever found and is just big enough for general scraping, tiny hole poking, and little thing slicing.  Visit site  ▷

Cool Tools CeraVe Moisturizing Cream.  Like many men, I resisted using moisturizers, until I observed that dry, cracking skin could actually get bad enough to keep me from doing manly things, like working on North Sea oil rigs.  Visit site  ▷

Scientific American The Genius of Pinheads: When Little Brains Rule.  We do know that human brains have shrunk over the last 10,000 years. Perhaps, rather than becoming less intelligent, our ancestors' brains were just becoming more efficient.  Visit site  ▷

BugGuide.Net All Abuzz About Bugs!  We enjoy the opportunity to instill in others the fascination and appreciation that we share for the intricate lives of these oft-maligned creatures.  Visit site  ▷

USGS Geology and History Summary for Mount St. Helens.  Mount St. Helens, located in Washington State, is the most active volcano in the Cascade Range, and it is the most likely of the contiguous U.S. volcanoes to erupt in the future.  Visit site  ▷

Astronomy Picture of the Day King of Wings Hoodoo under the Milky Way.  This rock structure is not only surreal -- it's real.  Visit site  ▷

kottke Meet this season's hot new clouds.  For the first time in 30 years, the world's cloud authority has classified a dozen new types of cloud.  Visit site  ▷

Resource Travel 11 Photos That Will Inspire You To Travel To Idaho's Shoshone Falls Right Now.  I found 11 reasons that made my move the best decision of my life.  Visit site  ▷

Men's Journal Does the President Have the Power to Revoke a National Monument?.  "If Congress wants to change the way the law is implemented, they have to do that through legislation," says John Ruple.  Visit site  ▷

The Trek Hiker Trash: Volume III.  Bathroom Bedtime. Every time one of turned over both the lights and fan turned on for 10 minutes, thus waking all of us up.  Visit site  ▷

The Trek Things To Expect On A Thru-Hike.  When you have 5 months alone, walking with your own thoughts, you find out a lot about yourself.  Visit site  ▷

The Trek Age is Just a Number: Interview with Grey Beard.  Attempting record for oldest AT thru-hiker.  Visit site  ▷

Section Hikers Backpacking Blog Top 10 Backpacker Recommended Trekking Poles — 2017.  1. Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles.  Visit site  ▷

REI Co-op Journal 3 Homemade Trail Mix Recipes that aren't GORP.  Munching on cardboard-inspired energy bars that turn into glue the more you chew them gets old fast. So do plain almonds. We're helping.  Visit site  ▷

Stick's Blog First Look @ the Zpacks Vertice Rain Gear.  While this is untested by me, I do feel confident in it.  Visit site  ▷

Indiahikes Trek Photographer of the Month February 2017 announced.  February is a month when very few treks are accessible. But the few that are accessible are an absolute treat to the eyes. With snowfall, high winds and surprisingly clear skies.  Visit site  ▷

The New York Times We Have Some Good News on the California Drought. Take a Look..  Knowing with precision how much snow has accumulated is crucial for farmers and water managers. That's where a mapping project at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory known as the Airborne Snow Observatory comes in.  Visit site  ▷

Outdoor Quest Handrails.  Examples of handrails include roads, rivers, trails and railroad beds. Handrails can be particularly useful when they run parallel to ones' direction of travel.  Visit site  ▷

NOMADasaurus Adventure Travel Blog Crossing The Drake Passage To Antarctica.  Over breakfast Boris Wise, our experienced expedition leader, warned that the seas ahead were looking rough.  Visit site  ▷

Hiking For Her Leave No Trace Hiking: How To Be An Invisible Hiker.  Long story short: It's all about respect.  Visit site  ▷

Midwest Basecamp Hiker Safety: Self Defense Tips.  Krav Maga Worldwide develops, promotes and implements self-defense and fitness programs.  Visit site  ▷

The Hiking Life The Thru-Hiker's Gear List.  I thought it would be a good idea to put together a resource that documented the gear choices of a diverse, yet very experienced group of thru-hikers.  Visit site  ▷

Across Utah! Hayduke Reference Update.  Make sure to check out the Hayduke Reference Page for all the updates - it now includes over 50 linked resources!  Visit site  ▷

The Adirondack Almanack David Gibson: Embracing Swamps.  When over 90 percent of the country's swamps had already been drained, people began to appreciate by their very rarity what swamps looked like, what lived there and how they functioned.  Visit site  ▷

Adventure Journal Hungry Like the Wolf? Here's Just How Hungry Wolves Are.  The big wolves are often the key to making a kill. When they catch up, they latch onto an elk and seal its fate.  Visit site  ▷

Adventure Journal We May Or May Not Be In Support of Guerrilla Camping.  I may or may not have guerrilla camped in the "no camping" forested wonderlands just north of San Francisco.  Visit site  ▷

Adventure Journal How I Finally Got Rid of Plantar Fasciitis Once and For All.  Finally, I turned to the deepest source of collective wisdom there is: Amazon customer comments.  Visit site  ▷

Backpacking Technology "Oh my God" backpacking items!  We found that our gear was great, but we but had few pleasant surprises.  Visit site  ▷

Blissful Hiking Sickness on the Trail.  It's that time of year once more — when hikers head for the trails and disease follows.  Visit site  ▷

GORE-TEX Blog How to Use a Compass (And Why You Should Learn!)  It can help you stay on course, circumvent things obstructing your path, or even save your life.  Visit site  ▷

Alex Roddie Electronics on the trail — 2017 edition.  After much experimenting I think I have found the sweet spot for my needs.  Visit site  ▷

Hike Of The Week Palouse Falls-showy cataract of Eastern Washington's coulee country.  Exceptional wildflowers, exceptional waterfall.  Visit site  ▷

The Atlantic 150 Years Ago Today, the U.S. Bought Alaska From Russia for $7.2 Million.  As a former Alaskan tour guide, allow me to relive a past job I loved, and share with you some of this amazing history and phenomenal beauty on Alaska's sesquicentennial-49 photos of the 49th state.  Visit site  ▷

The Atlantic Winners of the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards.  The Sony World Photography Awards.  Visit site  ▷

The Art of Manliness How to Make a Survival Lean-To.  A simple lean-to not only provides protection from wind and rain, but can also act as a shield to help trap heat and keep you warm.  Visit site  ▷

Popular Science Living With A Lynx — For Science.  What would John Weaver say to a person thinking of raising a Canada lynx as a pet? "Don't do it. Don't do it. Chirp nearly destroyed our house."  Visit site  ▷

Daily Mail Online Indian Ocean island is home to Sentinelese community who kill outsiders.  Tribespeople have rarely been photographed or recorded on video, as it is too dangerous to visit the island.  Visit site  ▷

The New York Times Who Killed the Iceman? Clues Emerge in a Very Cold Case.  Every modern murder investigation relies heavily on forensic science, but in Ötzi's case, the techniques have been particularly high tech.  Visit site  ▷

McSweeney's Internet Tendency A Guide for Brands That Have Recently Discovered Women.  Are you a global brand that recently discovered International Women's Day is an actual thing? Well, you've come to the right place!  Visit site  ▷

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