Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Making Tracks On Harry's Back — Part 1

From June 2001.

Area map. Look for the big yellow arrow, eh?

Arrival at Johnston Ridge parking lot.

Sometimes the edge of bad weather is the best time to be out.

Or it can mean you're screwed. Hey.

A bit east, at the start of the hike.

Meanwhile, down in the blast zone, a hopeful sign.

A view of the road coming up to the visitor center and parking lot.

As I said, sometimes "bad" weather can be good.

Let the tromping begin.

Crew, motley, one each, resting phase.

Really — lovely day.

There be fog!

The view from the advance party.

Some dither, some hike. Some only take pictures.

Attack of the killer fog.

Fills the valleys, it does.

And rises, spilling over the ridge

Time for another break.

A bit of pseudosun.

Yet another break (these people get it).

It's a wonderful landscape, and fine to explore when damp (no dust).

Then we skirt a finger of land above the abyss.

The upper end of Spirit Lake appears.

Toward the mountain.

The "hummock" area. There's a trail through there, you know.

Right below our feet, things suddenly become interesting.

Back to the mountain — fog or death-gas?

More hummocks, still inviting.

The tip of Spirit Lake, Windy Ridge in the far background.

Over and above those hummocks is Harry's Ridge.

(Continued next week.)


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