Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fresh, April 20

 SectionHiker:  The Real Grandma Gatewood.  That story is told in Ben Montgomery's book Grandma Gatewood's Walk.  Go

 Rolf Potts Vagabonding Blog:  Post Salkantay trek, Peru.  The trek started out with a steady incline at almost 10,000 feet above sea level, so the air was thin to start with.  Go

 BuddyBackpacker:  Northbound.  Afternoon naps are the most incredible thing here, even Buddy is starting to catch on to their glory.  Go

 Chas and Chelsea Hike the PCT:  Day 5.  There was a sign warning us of non-cosumable water for horse consumption only. But a hikers gotta get their water somehow in the desert.  Go

 ExpeditionDan:  The Beginner Hiking Series 2: What to bring, When to go and What type of hiking you can do.  To give you a better understanding of the different types of hiking you can try, I have listed out some of the most popular options.  Go

 Our Life Outside:  Dehydrating Food For Backpacking.  The possibilities are endless and we encourage to try new recipes! You'll be surprised how many different delicious meals and snacks you can carry with you on the trail while minimizing your pack weight.  Go

 The Booby Hatcher:  Spring Break 2014: Fence Canyon to Harris Wash, Utah.  Along the way, we camped...on slickrock above Harris Wash where we enjoyed a little campfire under a full moon.  Go

 Dirtmonger:  Lowest to Highest: Badwater to Mt. Whitney.  The route goes from the hottest place on Earth speckled with crusty salt crystals and shimmering heat to high alpine terrain amid a world of rock and snow.  Go

 Trail Skeptic:  Futile struggle to obtain ultra-lite hiker status.  It may be worth the weight to see a TV show or movie once in a while...  Go

 Blogpackinglight:  More Trailstar Playing.  I'm starting to get the hang of pitching it.  Go

 The Smoky Mountain Hiking Blog:  Major Section of the Appalachian Trail in Southwest Virginia Permanently Protected.  This final protected section of footpath represents a monumental milestone.  Go

 Myla Hikes:  I Made Rain Mittens!.  I used a simple pattern by Lance Marshall.  Go

 Blue Moon Promotions:  Kermode Bear.  Black Bear in white phase (Spirit Bear)  Go

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