Wednesday, January 19, 2022



(1) A laid-back-packer, someone who has a casual attitude toward long-distance backpacking and who is also usually self-sufficient, sometimes carrying a relatively heavy pack just because he wants to have certain important things along, like books.

But actually, no — far more to be like one of the following...

(2) The same as the above, in a way, kinda, but lazier. Someone who has his pack transported to the next campsite so he doesn't have to carry it. A backpacker who isn't really. Isn't really a backpacker. May carry a day pack while someone else shuttles his actual backpack for him. Some call this cheating. Others call it smart.

For instance: "Ed's a slackpacker. He'll take any shortcut, ride, or whatever to keep from walking, but he likes it that way."

(3) Anyone who fits between being a casual day hiker and a serious backpacker, whatever those terms mean. Expect your grade to reflect on the creativity of your answer.

(4) Someone who does a day's worth of hiking without a pack, and then hops in a car and drives home, maybe to finish the rest of the trail later. A form of section hiking but without the effort of carrying a pack.

(5) Someone who already ate all his food, whose pack is empty, and has his head stuck into your pack, looking for something tasty. A parasite, an obligate yogi. Someone who only wants to be your friend, while you want him only to be someone else's friend.


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