Wednesday, December 6, 2023

One-Pot Wonder

One-Pot Wonder

(1) By definition then, a One-Pot Wonder is any food or meal that requires only one pot to cook. By someone's definition. Maybe it was a definition found taped to the bottom of a rock. No one knows. But anyway, people accept it, so let's run with it for today.

(2) One-Pot Wonders are meals that can be made in one pot, but taste as though they were made by a world-class chef who cooked a multi-course meal and then dumped it all into one pot and stirred it well before serving and then let it sit and didn't remember it for another day or two and then served it.

Still better than freeze-dried food. Partly because there is no such thing as freeze-dried food, as such. More like "freeze-dried partly-edible synthetic manufactured substances that really, really cost a lot". But some people eat it anyway. Maybe Wonder Woman does. Maybe she can handle it. But she's probably not that dumb. Just backpackers. OK then. Backpacker food.


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