Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Knowing The Nose

Part 3: At rest under the nostril.

A young entrepreneur at the ready.

One tourist bagged.


Downstream. Off limits.

Rubbery shrubbery. No need for armed guards if you've got enough of this.

While most continued stuffing their faces inside the cafe, the rest oggled critters. Note mouse traps to the left.

Not all gawkers were dumb gringos.

'Place child here.'

Spare, in case the other one goes flat.

Nope. Not much more to see from this angle either.

The train waits quietly for the return to begin.

Every kid loves this stuff, right?

Upstream. Still foggy in parts.

Oops! We're suddenly moving. Bye.

Pretty much the same going up as it was going down.

A home? A shed? We'll never know.

Bye again. We'll always remember you.

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