Wednesday, January 22, 2020

FIYH (02 APR 2020 update)

Fire in Your Hand

Dave's Little Guide
to Ultralight


How you can hike lighter, hike better, hike
simpler, make your own stoves and have lots
of fun in the woods, either alone or with
friends (if you have any).

Featuring tips, stories and ravings from the
author and his imaginary friends and relatives.


Uncle Reinhold Pudzer, Citron Ella Schmelling,
Joe “Dirty Maggot” Periwinkle the thru-hiker,
and possibly some others too frightening to
mention, like Aunt Lydia Pudzer, who provides
frequent scoldings.

By Dave Sailer

Fire In Your Hand, the book, has its own blog.
Read it there.



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