Wednesday, February 17, 2021

BOYB (Final update, 24 FEB 2021)

Bag On Your Back

Dave's Little Guide
to Backpacks


How you can hike lighter,
hike better, hike simpler, muck around
and have lots of fun in the woods, either alone
or with your friends (if you have any),
while wearing a hump.
Pretty much the whole deal then.

lots of stuff that's mostly factual
and possibly entertaining and
very likely useful if you pay attention.
And some stories too, to relieve the tedium.

By Dave Sailer, a guy,
and his crack team of mostly
imaginary friends and advisers,
and maybe some others.
(Who can say?)

Read on!

Bag On Your Back, the book, has its own blog.
I published the final installment today.  
Go there to read it.
All done now.

Don't forget the links at the top of this page to definitions, the stove book, and this book on packs. They get lonely without you coming to visit every now and then.



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