Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lace Me Up, Ian!

Hike? Wear something on your feet? Has laces?

This might be for you.

No need to stuff a bunch of words in here, except to make a couple of notes.
  • Such as, if you are looking for a one-handed knot, look here.
  • Such as, if you are looking for quick-to-tie knots, look here.
  • Such as, if you are looking for secure knots, look here.
  • Such as, if you are looking for decorative knots and lacing patterns, look here.
Massively illustrated. Masterfully illustrated.

Learn how to teach your kids, or someone else's.

Wallow in the FAQ.

Find shoelace accessories.

Learn the truth, the whole truth, the history, the entire meaning of aglets, and how they affect absolutely everything else on earth, all of it, everywhere.

Read shoelace news you never expected: "A 6-year-old student at an elementary school in Tennessee fell on a pencil when she tripped over her shoe lace and put a hole in her trachea...School officials said the girl was carrying the pencil when one of her laces became untied." (Yeeg!)

Find shoelace books. "Tie A Bow, Ben Bunny", by Mavis Smith looks good. I'd buy it. I happen to like bunnies as well as, if not more than, shoelaces.

"The Neddiad", by Daniel Pinkwater, about shoelace heiress Neddie Wentworthstein, who "Took the train, went to Hollywood, and saved civilization". Yow! Can't beat that!

Site has: Ian's illustrations. Info on lacing shoes, tying shoelaces, dealing with slipping or crooked shoelaces, managing shoelace length. News about the shoelace market. Links. And on. And on. Take control of your life through proper shoelace management.

Gotta go look, you.


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