Friday, November 26, 2010

November 26: Gray Edition

It's cool and gray and not snowing.

But it won't last, unfortunately.

Unfortunately it won't last, but.

Right now a warm frontal zone is moving in overhead. Or has moved in overhead. Or has crashed into the moon. Or dissolved overnight.

Sold out. Bought off. Exhausted. Gone home. No one knows. It's all silent up there. We're waiting.

We can't know.

From here. All I see.

Is leaves. A few leaves. That died. And wait.

But refuse surrender.

Temperatures are warming aloft. And. Temperatures are chilling aloft. Days continue.

To shorten.

The backpack. In the closet. Height in meters, feet in boots, food in bags, all done. For this year.

The snow could not last long. A few hours, a couple of days. The lifetime of a mayfly.

The snow is gone. It did not last. Clearly, the warming is happening.

But not here really, not now.

As a concept.

On blueprints. In preparation for review. Before being passed on to us. Next year.

Before too long.

I hope.