Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Occasional Definitions: Utensil

Bite with me.
Hunger is bad

 Utensil:    Human lips, teeth and tongue, for those who are not fastidious eaters and simply stick their heads into the pot and slurp.
Every body comes with two

 Utensil:     The human hand, for those who are fastidious eaters. (Comes in washed and unwashed versions, left or right hand models.)

 Utensil:    Spoon. Normally not considered essential among ultralight backpackers, but may be fun to bring along for special occasions.
Feeding time for Granny

 Utensil:    Useless affectation such as a knife, fork or spork, especially if made of titanium.
Bite in style with one of these

 Utensil:     What you find in the road in upscale neighborhoods instead of a fork.

From: Fire In Your Hand About ultralight backpacking stoves. (print)

PDF: Fire In Your Hand (The same, but now paper-free.)