Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Occasional Definitions: Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction: BOB.*

Chain Reaction: What happens when a chemical reaction breaks its leash and all sorts of interesting and unfortunate things begin to occur simultaneously. Unsupervised chemistry.

Chain Reaction: From physics, a multistage nuclear reaction, especially a self-sustaining series of fissions in which the release of neutrons from the splitting of one atom leads to the splitting of others. Probably not often seen while using backpacking stoves, except for the most cleverly made and ineptly used models.

*BOB: Big Orange Ball. (See below.)

BOB: The sun. Example: "I wonder if Bob is ever going to come out today?" or "Good morning Bob, glad you could make it, because it has been pretty darn cold lately," or "Bob, could you please turn it down? It's too darn hot."

BOB: An exploding stove, as seen from a hiker's perspective. Chain reaction.
BOB: A hiker who has forgotten his asbestos suit and stood too close to his stove when it went nova, and has then become a secondary form of Big Orange Ball. Once you see one of these, you'll give up cooking forever.

From: Fire In Your Hand