Monday, March 12, 2012

Tentatively Speaking

Tent Pad: A place about the size of a tent where soil and gravel are built up inside cribbing of log or stone to improve drainage.

Tent Pad: At some camping sites, tenting is restricted to built up earthen 'pads' or wooden 'platforms' to ease impact on the area.

Tent Pad: Wooden platforms or packed earth in single, double, or group tent sizes that minimize damage to fragile alpine or wetlands areas, and reduce impact on heavily used, erosion-prone campsites.

Tent Pad: Designated flat, dry spots where tents may be pitched. Several of these may cluster around a central fire pit and a pit toilet.

Location, location, location. (And supper.)

The term: Tent Pad, or Tent Platform, or Tent Site.

The ultimate meaning: Basically a place to keep you safe from tentacles. Look out for the tentacles.