Sunday, August 2, 2015

Gray Wolf Overnight — Time to climb.

I am curious (buck).

It was a surprise to me too. Things came off slightly blurry but perhaps at least one of us may be excused. (That would be me. If you agree.)

Nope. Don't wanna be near any hiker guys.

Deers got more important things to do anyway. Even more blurred. This guy was on a much faster schedule than I was at the time.

Smaller than a deer, but with more legs.

More like one of my relatives, except that most of my relatives prefer to stay under the rocks. No words passed between us. We pretended not to recognize each other.

A nice, bright touch.

So far the day had been lightly overcast — enough to allow decent photography in the forest without blown highlights, making anything brightly-colored stand out even more.

Overcast but dry. And, of course, since I was near the end, things were about to change.