Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hard At It (Or something.)

Our Director of Operations, Milford "Clueless Joe" Poltroon — temporarily banished to the vacant desk out on the landing for not paying attention, being AWOL, and taking an excessive number of long unauthorized naps.

Lazy Disorganized Ahem Hard at work on other things this week.

Let's blame it on the staff.

Due to possible miscalculations, inept management, and/or sloth, we are interrupting our regularly-scheduled nonsense to resurrect a couple of our best posts from the past, at least according a select sample of the one-in-seven-and-a-half-billion people who might read this blog every now and then, possibly by accident.

Let's see then...Ah — OK. Try these and see what happens.

Definitions: Boulder Hopping

Definitions: Alpine

Meanwhile, work (or something resembling it to people who don't know any better) continues behind the scenes, on other things.