Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Descent Of The Nose Train

Part 2: Wheels along the nostril.

So we got started. And then what?

Scenery. Scenery and gawking.

I don't remember a lot. There were no guides, no narration. We just looked.

We looked and passed scenery.

It is a landscape of angles. Steepness. We followed the water. Water knows the way.

This route, as I understand, is still broken.

First there were cities, with footpaths between them. Then the railway. Then it fell into disuse.

Now part of it is a tourist route.

We pay and gawk. So be it.

The train runs down a slope, then off the end of the turn. Then it stops and the rails get moved. Then the train switches tracks and descends another section. Taking it like switchbacks on a trail.

Everyone there has a job.

And they all have to work together, bit by bit, descending.

There are views, but not from inside. The windows are not adequate. The terrain is too steep.

Once at the bottom, at the end of the trip, we were met by dancers. I didn't feel comfortable photographing them. Some tourists joined the dancing.

Once stopped, the train sat quietly. Most of the passengers immediately went to have lunch.

This is the one.

Where we didn't go. There was a bridge, and an armed guard. He stood on the bridge until we left.

But back in tour land, life went on.

Including cactapus.

Luckily for us, we were all easily amused — always ready for another chance to stand around.

And I really don't recognize this. It might be the little museum at the end of the line, and that might be the Devil's Nose. Who can say?

But there are things to see if you look.

Some day during a heavy rain this is all going to come down in a bunch

But not this day.

I did notice that I was bugged.

This is the station as seen from the museum. Guarded bridge at left.

Looks like they're big on mouse traps. Cafe inside.

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