Saturday, November 3, 2018

Definitions: Wind Chill

(1) Wind chill is a measure of how cold the atmosphere feels, taking into account not just the actual temperature but the wind, which can make the air feel considerably colder than it is.

How? Heat produced by the body radiates out, away from the skin and into the surrounding air. When there is no wind a thin layer of heated air next to the skin partially insulates the skin from the full effect of the surrounding cold. When there is wind, there is no layer of insulating air because it gets blown away.

(2) Wind chill is a quantity expressing the perceived lowering of air temperature caused by the wind, which affects the rate of heat loss from an object or from the human body.

(3) Wind chill is also a pseudo temperature, giving an idea of the cooling effect of both wind and temperature.


(1) Wind chill is just how cold you feel standing out in the wind, no matter what the temperature is.

(2) Wind chill stole my heart, which I found last week in a ditch, frozen solid.

(3) You can identify the effects of wind chill when you leave one of your flaps open — in front, in back, on your tent or your jammies.

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