Wednesday, September 22, 2021



(1) The way Ray Jardine does things.

(2) The one and only right way of doing anything.

(3) My way or the highway.

(4) All of the above. Ray Jardine and his wife Jenny revived lightweight backpacking and changed it from something that a few reclusive, unorganized lunatics did in secret to something that lots of bold, organized lunatics now do in public.

The Jardines advocated

  • Taking only the things needed
  • Making one item serve several purposes
  • Using lightweight footwear
  • Traveling fast by putting in long days at a moderate pace while carrying light packs
  • Stealth camping
  • Sleeping under nearly weightless tarps while covered by bottomless sleeping bags they called "quilts"

Since the 1980s and 1990s when the Jardines refined their season-long backpacking trip techniques, their redefinition of backpacking has revolutionized the sport and inspired many. Originally "Ray-Way" was a descriptive term applied to Ray Jardine's methods by others, but was later been adopted by Jardine himself.

(5) The founding principle of Golite, a manufacturer of lightweight backpacking gear. Golite attempted to incorporate Jardine's philosophy into its products but parted ways with Jardine (or vice versa, depending on who's right) in 2004, after Jardine posted a "Golite sucks" diatribe on his web site.

(6) Prickly.

(7) Exceedingly prickly.

(8) Insanely prickly.


Ray Jardine at Wikipedia
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