Thursday, September 22, 2022

Cushion Plant

Cushion Plant

Any low herbaceous or woody plant growing so densely that it forms a resilient, cushion-like mat.

The backpacker's ideal landscaping.

Lie down anywhere and bingo, you have a mattress.



Sweet-scented, sometimes.

Get it scrunched overnight? A little too compressed? Wrinkly? No problem, just move two feet to the left and you have another fresh, bouncy mattress.

Botanists claim that there are actually plants like this, plants that are so dense and branchy (And low to the ground!) that they make a sort of thick, pleasantly soft, resilient sleepable mat.

Heather might qualify.

Yes, heather might, if you stick to the plant, but don't try any of this with Heather with a capital "H", not her, the plant, dumbnuts.

Unfortunately, in the real world plants like this want to grow in tufts, kind of like bunch grass. Tough and tufty, like a woody wad perched up top a lump.

And you can't sleep on that.

But if you're short and curl up a little you can sleep on heather and pretend that there is a rainbow over your bed, and a pot of gold nearby, and that you hear sounds of unicorns munching marshmallows, although it may be just some flies in your ears, whispering yet more lies.

Example: Bob found out the hard way that cushion plants may be low and dense, but not not all are that cushiony. (What did you expect, Bob? Are you dense?)



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