Thursday, March 23, 2023



The hiker's favorite acronym. It stands for "All You Can Eat".

Sometimes hikers burning 4000 to 6000 calories per day, or more, coming into a quiet town hosting an unsuspecting AYCE buffet tend to amaze and frighten local people and inspire rapid policy changes at all restaurants in town after taking advantage of an offer like that.

Hikers then get thrown out, and maybe banned. Example: Fred got tossed from the MunchyTown Cafe after cleaning out the AYCE buffet. They said he was pigging out, not munching, and told him not to come back, ever.

There is a story illustrating trail hunger that I came across once upon a time, about four Appalachian Trail (AT) hikers who entered a cafe, settled into a booth, and waited for the server. When she came, she asked what they would like to order. Person A, who happened to be a male, ordered something like two chicken dinners with a side dish of fried potatoes, and another side dish of fried onion rings, a chocolate malt, and apple pie with ice cream. When the server finished writing down all of this, she began to turn away to place the order with the kitchen, but the three other people in the booth began to panic, scared of being left out, virtually shouting "Wait! Wait! We want to order too!"

So about like that then.


Have anything worth adding? Then try
Me? Patiently waiting for feeding time.



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