Wednesday, November 15, 2023



(1) Hat.

(2) An ounce of marijuana, or at least it used to be. Dunno. Don't mess with things like that any more, just trying to live quietly and stay out of trouble these days.

(3) Fleshy flap found at the top and bottom of the eye. Good for trapping flies and dirt.

(4) A cover, like one for a cooking pot, which is something every backpacker needs. (Except for the breatharians, a notably feeble and very tiny subgroup of the backpacker community, most known for falling way behind and then dying.)

OK then, we're looking for #4 here, folks. Righto. The only lid that interests us at all is the cover for a cooking pot. For an ultralighter, this thing could be just a folded square of aluminum foil, which works too.

A lid aids stove efficiency by keeping heat inside the pot with the food, where it belongs. (You can't burn your tongue while wolfing down food that ain't hot, after all.)

In a pinch though, you could wear a pot lid on your head for fun at hiker parties. (Want a clue why you're not invited any more?)

Example: Put a lid on it, Fool, or it might burst into flames or be carried off by bugs.


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