Friday, June 7, 2024

Pot Stand

Pot Stand

(1) A pot stand is a support that goes under a cooking pot to hold it above the stove's burner. Some stoves have them built in. (Are you excited yet?)

(2) A marijuana patch found back in the hills. In the recent past these were usually watched over by cutthroats, but nowadays they may be watched over by upstanding, cutthroat, and yet legal entrepreneurs. Go figure.

(3) Pot Stand is a game played by long-distance backpackers who are desperate for entertainment after endless weeks on the trail.

This so-called game consists of putting a cooking pot down in a level place and then doing a headstand on top of it. The one who lasts the longest wins. If no one can do this at all, then the one who comes closest to getting upside down is the winner. If no one can get close to being upside down, then the hikers may just roll around in the dirt. Some of them like that sort of thing.

But sometimes the hikers just eat, grunt a few times, scratch a bit, and go to bed, often without washing up first.


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Me? Grunted once. Maybe twice. No one seemed to notice.



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