Monday, January 10, 2011

Recent Weather

More of the same, with some of the other stuff too.

Winter here is generally wimpy. Rain, overcast, and rain. But you still want to get out and hike.

About a week ago we had a stretch of cold, clear sunny weather. Which was nice. Sunny during the day, and cold, and clear overnight, and colder.

All of which, however, left the roads icy every morning.

Having lived in North Dakota for my first 28 years, I generally don't panic at the sight of ice. Even if it's hanging out on on the road. After all, it is America's Measuring Stick for backwardness, incomprehensibility, and hard freezes.

Whether deserved or not. But it is cold there. A lot. For a long time. Every year. But.

Western Washington is different. We do have a bit of snow, and a bit of freezing. (Talking about the lowlands here.) Generally everything remains green but there are those bits of other things. Which do make a difference.

For instance, a few years ago I was on the road to go for a routine Saturday-morning hike, on a day like those we've been having lately, and I lost the car. "Black ice" is what they call it around here. Even standing right on top of it after crawling out the car's driver-side window (which was at that point the only way out), I couldn't see the ice. Or actually even stand on it.

So now I'm skittish. Rain: OK. Mud: OK. Wind: OK. Ice: Yeeps!

Having ended one trip hanging sideways from the seatbelt, and in need of a replacement car, I wait for warmer days. The geese are still here, grazing on lawns, every so often we get some sun, and it all seems like a matter of ticking days off the calendar. But I still wonder what the geese are thinking. They always seem to take off headed south.

And what is it about this snow again, today?

Don't we get rain here?

Time for another nap I guess.