Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kahtoola Micro Spikes

I gotta problem.

Snow. We have lots. Want some?

There's plenty to go around. Two thirds of the way through winter the snow pack was half of normal. Heh.

Didn't stay that way, did it?


Something happened. Snow.


Now the snow pack is double normal and has been for a while, and will stay that way.

Because it isn't melting enough to matter

One thing I learned shortly after giving up my leather boots and beginning a career of hiking in trail running shoes was that the shoes sucked. On ice. On snow.

Everywhere else? Superb.

Even go near hard, late-season snow, just look at it almost, and you start sliding around.

So I'm thinking "Do something, butthead."

This ought to work.

People who use these things seem to like them. A lot.

They are hefty. (Sorry, I haven't weighed them, but one reviewer provided a listed weight of 11.4 oz/313 g and a measured weight of 11 oz/312 g.)

But they have big teeth.

Last year there was heavy snow on mid-elevation trails through the end of July. I didn't get into any really high country, but still found patches of snow around 6000 feet/2000 m at the end of August.

This year will be worse.

It is cloudy every day here in the coastal lowlands. Cloudy and cool. There is no end in sight.

East of the mountains, in semi-desert where all the fruit and vegetables and peppers grow, the spring cherry crop is a month late. They are still have freezing nights. The land is waiting for something that may be coming, if at all, only by accident this year.

So snow. It will be with us all summer long.

Now I have some teeth for my feet. They look good. Let's see what happens with them.

(Note: I normally wear much lighter shoes than shown, but this is all I could get on closeout last time, and I have two pair, so I'll have to use them. They are big. But even though these spikey things had to stretch to get on the shoes, they seem fine once in place.)

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I have no idea why a packet of silica gel came in the box.

I mean, hey. What?

Maybe I should try eating it.