Wednesday, November 30, 2011

419 Xmas

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Please to co-opterate, my good Friend. I am student in Nirobia close to finish my busy studies in Universitty. So youre name had come to me as an person of Fine Repute therefore I making these offer to-you-only in private as a person.

I am needing samples for my Studies in the Graduate Department of Banking Account Numbers such as you excellent persons are aware of as being printed on your personal checks, and so.

Please to forward some - you, friends, your family and employer, etc. etc., for which I will ge grateful, the moore the better. I also grant you footnote in my distertation to be publish very soon now on paper.

And become I know of you from your write things often on the blog, upon direct receipt of such as name, sociable securnity numbers, bank name and account, date from your birth, address, etc. etc., you are also thereby sudden eligibal for free drawing of useful outdoor goods to use.

I am fellow backpacker too you see. Gleefull!

As you are aware no doubt we in Nirobia are always do the many hike. To work, to the well, to war and so on. All the time hikeing, we. And so we know the things how to make them. We have now big Store full of thes Authenttic Goods together forsale which we manufacture of heightest qualities, and you can win from it!

Send name, etc. etc., for proper identification and quickmail delivery upon wining and pretty soon you can have new sandals to hikeing in (free!)and still also be feature with honour in my distertation too as I mention previous.

i am direct son of DR. Albert Fredthe Chief Accounting Officer of a bank, to prove my safe identity for you reassurance. The financial statement of our bank is over US$130,000,000,000.00 (one hundred and thirty Dollars United States) and the current prospects of our bank is pretty good now.

Trust and Honesty. This is no doubt a pending mutual beneficiary transaction. It that will benefit both. To be sure. Kindly send me your privates as requested. May God Bless and so on.

I am expecting.

Ps, Friends too, just supply name, account, etc. etc. and win also, why not have them joinin right now OK? All can win! Upon win the drawing of Backpacking Goods, you get also fat discount of each order for life following, from our compleat catalogue with every time you wire moore cash by Western Union.

My most profound thanks to you, Sir or Madam.

Mr. Oswald Aptona Mnbamo, M.A., Department of the Studies, Nirobia.