Monday, January 9, 2012

Got Milk?

Got cookies? Got ham sandwich? Anything?

Yogi-ing: Asking other hikers for food.

Yogi-ing: Hikers "yogi" when they cajole a non-hiker out of something they need or want without actually asking for it. Named after Yogi Bear of cartoon fame because of his habit of making off with people's picnic baskets.

Yogi-ing: Mooching food, a ride, or something else from locals or day hikers. To Yogi one looks pathetic enough so people will want to help. If you ask, it is begging and not yogi-ing. Also defined as the "innocent" or "accidental" theft of another hiker's food, snacks, or rare treats, especially while on tight rations due to the thief's poor planning. Sometimes the logic used is "you just left it there", or "I didn't think you wanted it", or "I thought you were done with it".

Yogi-ing: The art of "letting" food be offered cheerfully by strangers without actually asking them directly.

Yogi-ing: The art of getting other hikers, picnickers, or others to offer you food, drink or rides. It requires the hiker to communicate a need without actually asking for something. Limping, wistfully staring, or similar hints are allowed, but actually asking, begging, or stealing is not.

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