Friday, January 20, 2012

I Only Have Strands For You

Cheerfully wrapped in stickiness and dead bugs.

Webface: What the first person on the trail each morning gets as they clear away spider webs across the trail. (Also known as "web face".)

Web Master: The first person on the trail each morning. The one who catches the spider webs.

Web-Walking: Being the first hiker on the trail in the morning, meaning that person will be the one whose face clears spider webs from across the trail.


  1. HaHa! I'm 6'3" and my sweetie is almost 5'. Most of our trail-spiders seem to make webs just above her head. I can't win going last ;)

    1. Stilts! Think stilts! A pair of super ultralight carbon fiber LegXtendrs(TM). Get the ones with lug soles and Gore-Tex uppers to remain trendy.

      They help to raise a person above boiling clouds of mosquitoes too.

      Unfortunately, the biggest mosquitoes fly up high so they can pick out the juciest victims.

      But there's always the option of staying home and playing checkers.