Monday, August 13, 2012

Lacustrine Bog

Has lots of water, and not so many things with feelers, as bogs go.

Lacustrine Bog: The transitional stage in bog life in which some mineral water is still a major influence in the bog.

As opposed to the other kind of water that is not mineral, I guess.

Which may or may not be what you want, although in general bogs are poor places to hike unless you are trying to get away from someone.

But then, you might be getting in over your head, considering some of the things found in bogs. (Not all of which are friendly, you know. Very few, in fact, and some are bigger than you are.)

Fire in Your Hand (Dave's Little Guide to Ultralight Backpacking Stoves) is now updated, and available in Mobi, ePub, or PDF formats. (New print version coming soon too.)

How you can hike lighter, hike better, hike simpler, make your own stoves and have lots of fun in the woods, either alone or with friends (if you have any).

Featuring tips, stories and ravings from the author and his imaginary friends and relatives like Uncle Reinhold Pudzer, Citron Ella Schmelling, Joe "Dirty Maggot" Periwinkle the thru-hiker, and possibly some others too frightening to mention, like Aunt Lydia Pudzer, who provides frequent scoldings.

The second edition mostly refreshes references to external sources. You know how those pesky web sites keep winking out of existence, taking with them all that good info you want? Well, I updated all that, so now you can actually go and read the details of what genuine smart people wrote, and won't have to swear at me anymore because the URLs are dead.

Plus, I caught a few typos, but probably left just enough to annoy you. For those of you who can read, likely the only people interested in books anyhow.

Where, then?

For Kindle Fire (Mobi with decent formatting, but only for Kindle Fire.)



And how much? $5.99