Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Meadow Week

Gentlemen, stuff your purses.

"I guess I just got tired of being dull," retorts Kande Feld, when asked about his new summer line of brightly colored backpacking tents. "I mean, how many shades of green are there, really?"

Feld, a graduate of the prestigious Andrew Gyn School of Design at Drainpipe Narrows, hasn't been backpacking long, but thinks he knows what his fellow hikers need. In a word, "Style".

"When you're out standing in a field, you should be outstanding in your field," says Feld, "and the best way I know of is with one of my Candy Wrapper Print tents. We have Berry Delicious, Pining for You, Nocturnal Exhibition, and Springtime in Iowa, plus others featuring butterflies and cute little animals.

Asked how he came up with the inspiration for his tents, Feld said simply, "I looked at what everyone else was doing and did the opposite, plus a large helping of precious. That never hurts when fashion is involved."

Price is $741.71 for a two-person, 6 kg ultralight tent. All tents are 100% polyester wash-and-wear, digitally printed in various fade-proof flavors, and come with a matching man-purse, for those occasional side trips out of camp.

Each tent, when shipped, is carefully packed in a layer of recyclable stage four treasure peanuts, and can be converted to gift wrap at the end of the season.


Camping Tents for the Style-Obsessed


Wrag Wrap to Turn Tents into Reusable Gift Wrap