Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What's Good For Poking, Then?

Try some of these.

Last time I wrote about fish bags. This time it's about potato pokers. Not a new series of card games but tools. For those who like to do naughty things to vegetables.

I guess they do have a legitimate use — coaxing potatoes to bake a bit faster. The intent seems to be that an aluminum rod shoved through a raw potato will convey oven heat into the tuber's inside, encouraging it to cook faster.

OK fine. If you really want to.

But baking is naturally inefficient anyway, so why fuss? If you want fast, go straight to steaming, after hacking the lumpy root into manageable pieces. Steaming's wicked fast, but then, who am I to judge those who enjoy the slow, juicy shove?

I did, however notice the points. They are pointy, these implements. And cheap.

I forgot to write down the cost, but it was around $2.75 for the six of them, much cheaper than official tent pegs. And I need a set of pegs, since I recently got two little shelters that I need to try out.

Did I say pointy? Pointy and light. Very light. Large-diameter but light — all aluminum. They should work, but if not, I know where the potatoes live if I want to do some serious pricklement, indoors some night. When I'm in one of those moods.


Potato Bake Rods – 5588