Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April On The Lake Angeles Trail

Chilly but dry and clear.


Everyone passed me.


But I was dawdling with my camera.


A good place to hang a hammock.


Temps almost at freezing, but everything's still green.


More hefty hikers passing me.


A peak into the next valley.


An erratic (during its quiet phase).


Meanwhile, higher up, things are still quiet.


Finally, the lake, still too thick to swim in.




More snow on the far, shaded side.


But on our side, shirtsleeve weather.


Not a good day to swim to the island. Probably.


Some of the last snow of the season.


Some were having quiet conversations.


While rocks enjoyed the sun.


But farther out, it was all ice.


And there were still some interesting patterns in it.


Looking past the island to the far side.


Definitely chillier over there, and farther up.


Why is this rock in three photos? Too late now, I guess.


It's steep, at least by the short route.


Nearer shore, some logs are snoozing deep.


Douglas fir.


The trail above the lake had some light snow. A couple of guys camped up there.


And a few critters flitted around here and there.


From higher up, a look back across the lake from the other side.


Over the top of the ridge, things were well over by Heather Park way.


Though if you're a lichen, life is never glamorous.


I don't know if this is really pillow lava but I'll claim it is.


Zow! Looks dramatic, eh? Mountains are like that.


Trees always look hopeful somehow.




And there's the lake — seems round from down below, but it ain't.


Spooky ice.


On the way back out, I spotted a few elk tracks.


And some happy forest with a pet rock.


And a rough-skinned newt, moving very, very slowly.