Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Peabody Creek


Down by the visitor center there's more traffic. To the south, if you get there early enough, there is no one.

All quiet to the south.


Big trees, leaves, moss, and you — that's it.


Early morning glow on a cedar.


Some alders get it too.


Inviting, well-maintained, and, today — dry.


It's nice that spring has come and brought back the green.


The creek itself is shallow, slow, and clean.


Devil's club — always prickly.


A blue trillium.


And a white one.




Emerging from the green.


An almost-hidden shelf fungus.


Dry last-season leftovers.


Slightly damper trail.


Some of the undergrowth, taking over for the summer.


Remnant of an old burn.


Salal and sun. Green the year round.


A happy spring.


A tiny trailside presence.


One of Peabody's minor, plashy falls.


A rocky flat reach at one of the bridges.


The sun begins to intrude.


Kissing the creek.


Creative destruction.


Back where we started.

This trail begins right behind (to the west of) Olympic National Park's visitor center at Mount Angeles Road and Park Avenue. The full length is officially 2.7 miles (4.4 km), plus a bit. It runs roughly north and south along Peabody Creek and would be more fun if. If it was a loop trail and especially if it ran all the way south to the park's entrance station near Dawn Lake about five miles to the south. But it ain't bad as-is.