Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Not Available In Your Country

So hey — I was out of oat powder and went looking for more, because yummy. But I wanted a bigger bag this time, and I found a 500 gram bag of the Quaker stuff at Supermaxi, for $1.68. But it was only 500 grams. Decent, but I wanted more, you know? As in more.

And then, a couple of items over, there was some other stuff, in a 1000 gram bag for, um, $1.68. Heh.

Never heard of YA before, but it came in that fine big bag, so how bad is that? So enjoyably bad. Oh, yes.

Purchase time, my friend.

I couldn't find much info on this, and the product photo isn't great, but it gets the idea across. You get the idea.

It's a product of Moderna Alimentos, which in turn makes YaYaYa products.

If you care.

Cut to the chase already, 'K?


The cut being that Quaker, a U.S. company, makes all kinds of powdered, pre-cooked oatmeal that is sold in large, convenient bags, in public places here, and none of it is available in the U.S. (I checked. The U.S. Quaker web site has about a hundred product pages, give or take a few dozen, and nope.) And lots of other companies make the same stuff, and it's available all over, here in Ecuador. And cheap.

There is one outfit that I could find that sells powdered oatmeal for body builders in the U.S., and it's available for around $3.65 a pound. Put that up against $1.68 per kilo here (2.2 pounds), or 76¢ a pound. Nurk.

Other than that, I found various places giving tips on how to make your own, because you can't buy it in the U.S. I find that unjust. Or stupid. Really.

I'm getting to like this a lot and don't want to give it up if/when I spend time back in the U.S. Mix it up 1:1 with full-fat powdered milk and cold water and you've got a deal. Rich, smooth, mild-flavored, very slightly sweet, satisfying.

There is some killer chocolate syrup here too, better than the Hershey stuff I grew up with, but I decided to start leaving it out because I was losing control and didn't want someone to find my body surrounded by empty chocolate syrup bottles a few days after I failed to show up with the rent money. That good.

But oats and milk — fine. Fine. Wonderful. Sustaining.

Not available in your country.


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