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Fung Shway

Fung Shway

Feng Shui

Literally, "Wind and Water" (but pronounced "fung shway", because Chinese). The Chinese art of arranging spaces and elements in an area to create harmonious energy flows and patterns, tempering or enhancing the energy where necessary. Yup, sounds about right.

Fung Shway

The ancient art of flinging bullsnit at the wall, but with a fancy, kinky new name. In case you don't believe it then wallow in these quotes from the back cover of "Feng Shui For Dummies"...

(a) "If you've ever wanted to know anything about Feng Shui, this IS the book to read." — Deborah Rachel Kagan, President, Sacred Interiors.

(b) "David Kennedy has certainly come up with a gem with Feng Shui for Dummies. I highly recommend this read." — James Moser, CEO, Feng Shui Warehouse.

(c) "David has a unique way of organizing the incredible amounts of Feng Shui information into clear, concise, easy to understand principles..." — Ileen Nelson, Director of the Feng Shui Studies Department, The Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design. Available at all fine bookstores. (Look for the sign of the giant bull.)

But back to the F.

As it relates to backpacking, Fung Shway is the esoteric process of breaking down and folding up your backpacking stove and fitting it into a space smaller than the individual parts require. Also called trail shway or stove shway. Spellings vary. It is similar to but distinct from Ray-Way, which, however, is a whole nother and much pricklier universe to explore.

Is also, Fung Shway is, the process of setting up your stove and cook set in such a way as to take the best advantage of the terrain, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, and other features such as natural wind breaks and how the spirits are feeling right then. In this application, it is frequently known as cook shway or pot shway. But if pot shway too much, pot tip over, spilling noodles, and supper become ruin. Most unfortunate then.


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