Wednesday, July 6, 2022



Vent. It's a slit in a garment, usually in the lower edge of the back of a coat, to allow easier movement.

Or maybe it's an opening through which gases, especially air, can pass. Or the opening of a volcano from which lava flows. In other words, a conduit and/or orifice through which volcanic materials (lava, gas, and water vapor) reach the earth's surface, with that distinctive, characteristic sound.

Here are a couple further thoughts to shove you along...

(1) If the vent in your jacket is emitting lava, then you've overheated.

(2) I let it out at the vent, or it let me out, depending on the point of view. Anyway, it fits better now and I don't feel bloated any more.

Take your pick, based on how you feel today, and what you've eaten lately.


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