Wednesday, July 27, 2022

WTF Blazing

WTF Blazing

(1) A trail whose route was marked by splashes of paint applied by the Wooty Woot Trail Forgery Brigade.

(2) Hiking while drunk, determining direction not so much by watching the blazes, or by sight at all, but by bonking into obstacles with your head. Involves frequent face plants and unceasing profanity.

(3) Spirit hiking. Ghost wandering. The Continental Divide Trail being the pinnacle of this sport, though any trail that braids into a myriad of potential routes, all of which prove false, before vanishing entirely, also qualifies.

(4) Aimless stumbling in any or all directions while outdoors.

(5) A type of trail marking found on the Continental Divide Trail, the Hayduke Trail, and some other places where the trail (or at least its markers) often vanishes. Wooo.


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