Wednesday, January 4, 2023



(1) A brand name of Nalge Nunc International, a distributor and manufacturer of plastic containers. Go figure.

(2) Brand name for durable and dependable plastic products made by Nalge Nunc International. Most of these are water bottles. Clever backpackers eventually realized that disposable plastic soft drink containers were both cheaper and lighter than the Nalgene kind. So most backpackers continue to use the heavy ones. It's as old-school as smoking. (WTF?)


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We gots email! From our reader!

Matt S (Wed, Jan 4, 2023):

Excellent, as always.

My favorite is Gatorade bottles. Sturdy plastic. Several sizes. Large threads, so it's rare that you cross thread the cap and later find a very wet pack. No cap lanyard tempting you to do something stupid like biner it to the outside of your pack.

On multi day trips, we still carry one Nalgene because the threads mate with the water filters. But it's a Nalgene gallon-ish sized sack. Much lighter, and works great until a careless hiker knocks it off a picnic table and the seam splits.



Dave replies (Thu, Jan 5, 2023):

Hey thanks for writing. I didn't know that anyone read this stuff any more, especially since I haven't actually been able to go anywhere for way too long.

As far as bottles, I finally switched to the Platypus-style collapsible bladders for everything. Light, and they fold down to nothing when they're empty. Everybody eventually finds what works best for them.



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